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Weeping & Willow 

Stand Up to Bullies


Willow has a beautiful backyard she loves to play in. There are tall oak trees, fruit trees, lilac trees and one special tree that is different from all the rest. One day, Willow hears something strange coming from her backyard. It’s the sound of someone crying! What happens next will teach Willow a powerful lesson about how words can hurt, and how important it is to see the beauty in being different. It's a lesson she'll take with her when she goes to school and faces bullies on the playground. In a lovely pairing of poetry and prose, Weeping & Willow: Stand up to Bullies gently empowers children to believe in themselves in the face of bullies.

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Ages 5+

Weeping & Willow: Stand Up to Bullies

Growing up, Kristie witnessed the damaging effects of bullying. When her first niece was born, she was inspired to write something to help her be brave and courageous in the face of conflict. That’s how Weeping & Willow: Stand up to Bullies came to be.

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"This is such a deep book! Incredibly well written and presented, a work of art and truly a must have.

Some really important messages about self esteem, friendship and bullying within this story. I enjoyed this book a lot actually. I love seeing books covering these topics and this is one of the most powerful and sophisticated children’s books I’ve seen in a long time. There was one little verse that really stood out to me that I wanted to highlight.

You taught me to embrace what was inside of me,
even when I thought I was a nobody tree.
So I shall tell you the same as you sit on my branch,
This girl needs a friend to give her a chance.
Spend time with her and help her to see,
She is anything but ordinary.

I think it’s so true to situations I’ve seen in real life where people just needed a friend, just someone to give them a chance."


IG: @kidliomag

"Weeping & Willow is an inspirational story for children that gives them the courage to stand up against bullies and to know that we all are beautiful in our own way.

Read this delightful story to know how Willow and weeping tree learns together that our words can hurt someone, and our differences make us special, so we don’t need to compare ourselves with others. This beautifully illustrated rhyming picture book helps children overcome their negative thoughts and teaches them to believe in themselves during uncertain times.

Perfect for 5+."

Kimicia Byrd, M.Ed.

IG: @pretty_in_primary

"What a wonderful story filled with many valuable lessons about friendship, self confidence and standing up to bullies. This story will teach children to embrace what’s inside of them and believe in themselves and their abilities. I also love how this book shows how we all need someone in our lives to help build us up when we are feeling down or doubting ourselves. Willow and Weeping are a great example of the importance of helping others discover their confidence when they need it most.

I recommend this story for readers ages 7 and up."

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