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Book alley in Victoria, BC.

Storyteller at Heart

Hi! And welcome to my website, I'm Kristie. I grew up in the country, just outside of a small town in southern Manitoba along with my parents and three siblings. 

Growing up in the heart of the Prairies, miles from the nearest town, I would often find myself creating imaginative stories. Whether I was climbing trees in the forest behind our house, or out in the pasture surrounded by horses and that prairie wind. I would get lost in these moments and discover my own kind of freedom.

I started to journal at a young age. I have always had big dreams and found it hard to keep them contained inside. Journaling gave me the outlet I needed to explore these thoughts and write about adventures I hoped to take one day. I traveled after high school and kept a journal with me at all times. I have never written professionally but after graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Major in Communications, I feel I have finally developed the creative writing and storytelling tools I had been missing.

Now in my thirties, I am thrilled to say I am finally pursuing my dream of writing. I want to create stories people can get lost in, if even for a moment. 

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